Music is passion, energy and movement; It's a profound emotional Exchange between the musician who creates the sound and the public that consumes its beauty. Without public appreciation, any musical expression would be meaningless.

This is the principle that led to the creation of our brainchild, Musica project Italy. This initiative brings together the energy and passion of our young soloists and the biggest audience in the world: the Chinese one.

Although classical music is rooted in the traditions of European world, it has become heritage of all humanity. China has taken a leading role in preserving and passing on these musical traditions with many thanks given to the young and sophisticated listening audience that has burst to life here

Deeply convinced that only through a mutual exchange between different cultures it is possible to enrich the musical experience, our main aim is to promote in Asia as well as in Europe a talented and international array of young and established artists, like the Singaporean conductor James P.Liu, well known for his flourishing career in Europe and America.

Thanks to the support of Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra, and its principal conductor M° James P. Liu, Musica project Italy has had the opportunity of bringing to China some renowned european soloists, such as Luca Vignali (principal oboe of Orchestra dell’Opera di Roma/ oboist), Giulio Tampalini (guitarist), Giuseppe Andaloro(pianist), Giampaolo Pretto (flutist and conductor), Alexandra Conunova (violinist, laureate at Tchaikovsky competition in 2015), the Div4s (sopranos), and many others.

In Europe, we worked on several exchanges project, bringing a selection of the best musicians of Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra to collaborate with Italian orchestras.

Our cultural offer is of the highest level and it will be a great source of pride for both Asia and Europe, because it includes young and passionate artists as well as an original and appealing repertoire.

We hope that you will find interest in our offer and we look forward to future cooperation.


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